About Us


is to build a peaceful, fair and prosperous society. The Ministry for Peace and Reconciliation Under the Cross (MIPAREC) is a non-profit organization, founded in 1996 by the alumni of a training in Peaceful Conflict Resolution and integrated development. MIPAREC was accepted by the ministerial ordinance n°530-114 on February 21, 2002. The association was founded in order to promote peace and reconciliation in Burundi first, then in the Great Lakes Region (Rwanda, DRC) and finally in the whole world.

MIPAREC is composed of members animated by a sacrificial spirit and volunteerism, who focus on social aspects in order to help the marginalized, such as displaced persons, repatriates, demobilized combatants, people affected by the Burundian civil war, people affected by sickness such as HIV/Aids, the poor, etc.

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Our values

Our mission is to strive to

promote peace, community development, and social cohesion through trainings, peacebuilding and activities that bring people together.


We attach a great value individually to the integrity of personnel and in the way in which we engage with others in all aspects of work.


Our actions and our words should reflect the qualities of a peacebuilder. We must to act in a way that doesn’t harm others. That is why our motto is “MIPPAREC against all forms of violence.”


We must love others in order to serve them. Without love, one becomes a mercenary.

Equality and fairness

Every person is created in the image of God. For this reason, we must treat people equally and fairly.

Culture of learning

We firmly believe that no one is an expert in everything; but that every intervention should be an opportunity to learn a new lesson. We evaluate all interventions as if everyone has something to contribute which is why MIPAREC’s personnel are not teachers, but “facilitators” and the participants are not beneficiaries, but “neighbors.”

Honesty and transparency

We should be honest and transparent in all that we do because we are not accountable only to people, but also before the Almighty.

Our programs

We offer a variaty of programs

L’approche et Stratégie d’intervention

L’approche du MIPAREC  consiste à accompagner  la ....

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Programme de Paix et Réintégration

Ce programme vise la réconciliation communautaire et comporte 4 volets ....

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Programme de thèmes transversaux

Les thèmes tranversaux sont :

  • L’éducation civique dont la principale ....

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Programme d’accès aux services de base

En plus des activités liées à la promotion de la paix et la réconciliation, ....

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Our Partnership

Our Hardowrking Team


What's news

MIPAREC au Service de l’Education à la Paix

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Message du MIPAREC à l’ occasion de la celebration du 55eme anniversaire de l’ indépendance du Burundi

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