Since the 1993 crisis, there has been the ethnic balkanization of neighborhoods. As it was difficult to meet the two ethnicities, Hutu and Tutsi, MIPAREC had the idea to create a neutral center called “a shelter from…” to say a shelter from division, hate, discrimination, etc.… a cafeteria, a library and an internet café were among the attractions.

The PAREC center succeeded in reconciling thousands of youth and teaching peace education to many categories of people including administrators and ex-rebels through the peace discussion lunch program.

Currently, the PAREC center is one of the income generating activities that contributes to the financial self-sustainability of the organization.

The PAREC center offers several services:

  • Lodging
  • Hosting trainings, meetings, retreats and parties
  • 6 meeting rooms (30-200 people)
  • 30 bedrooms
  • Peace Library
  • Internet café
  • Wi-Fi